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Surviving Zoom University - Survival Guide to Social Distancing Due to Covid-19
Remote,  Survival Tips

Surviving Zoom University

Hey guys, here is a guide to surviving the remaining time at Zoom University. We’re almost to the home stretch of the semester, but it feels as though we’re crawling rather than running to the finish line. Remote learning has been a hard adjustment and now that we’re adjusted, we’re tired. Here are some ways to help you get through the last few weeks at the largest enrolled college in America– ZOOM UNIVERSITY.

Subtly introduce your pet

Give people a reason to smile on Zoom University by showing your pet, of course in a non-distracting way. 🙂 My dog, Jack gets excited when he hears anyone on FaceTime so you can imagine how happy he gets when he hears Zoom University! Show your dog’s face, your cat’s face, or your pet fish!

Coffee hour

Before class, have a quick coffee hour with your friends on campus.. aka Zoom University. Talk about your happies and crappies of the day, and cheers to a good finish of your classes. Remember to take in that small part of your social life from your Zoom call because we all know how much we’re missing that part of our lives right now.

Room service

Create a delicious meal and bring it to Zoom University. The best part about online classes is that you can eat food without disrupting the class with loud chewing, crinkling wrappers, or the look everyone gives you when your drink falls on the floor. Now, you don’t have to make time to eat before class. You may eat in peace while also learning!


The one thing that I absolutely miss is seeing people smile. Have you ever noticed that the face masks that we have to wear to stay healthy hides our smiles? At Zoom University, you don’t have to wear a mask, which means when you smile people can see it! We’re all trying to prevent ourselves from being carriers of COVID-19. Instead of being a carrier of COVID-19, be a carrier of a smile. Smiles are contagious, probably just as contagious as the Coronavirus. So, smile. Maybe it will make someone else smile too.

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