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Surviving college move-out (NEW YORKER'S EDITION) - Survival Guide to Social Distancing Due to Covid-19
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Surviving college move-out (NEW YORKER’S EDITION)

Photo by STIL

For many of us, we’re approaching the daunting college move-out day. Students at many universities have already packed up their belongings and moved back home; however, students attending school in The Big Apple have a different story. So, to my fellow New Yorkers, here’s to you surviving your college move-out.

Top 2 necessities

  1. Face Masks: As you plan to travel into the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, buy gloves and DIY a bunch of masks! Get creative and design a mask that expresses your personality. Think of your face mask as the ultimate accessory to your travel outfit. I have embedded below a How to Make a Mask at Home by LaurDIY. She shows simple ways on how to make your own mask out of a bandana or a t-shirt and hair ties. There are so many DIY videos on YouTube and I promise you that they’re simple enough for anyone to do it! Check out on Thursday a DIY by me!
  2. Boxes: Don’t stress about having to buy boxes in NYC when you can ship boxes right to your doorstep using ULINE. Whether you’re moving into a new apartment or holding your belongings in storage, boxes will be your best friend. This is a super simple way to stay organized and stress-free while moving out of your college dorm/apartment and it’s not too pricey!

A note of inspiration

During your move-out, stop in the emptiness of the streets, listen to the silence of the city, and remember that you will be coming back. New York City is our home and we will be back. Try not to get caught up in the stress of moving out, but rather take in the city one last time through rose-colored glasses. Find the beauty within the chaos. If you’re staying, watch the cherry blossoms grow and really breathe in deep the freshness of the city air. Regardless, wherever you and your boxes go, New York City will remain.

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