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Surviving when life gives you lemons - Survival Guide to Social Distancing Due to Covid-19
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Surviving when life gives you lemons

Photo by Sarah Gualtieri


By now, we’re used to our parents and loved ones telling us to make lemonade out of the bumps in the road that we’ve encountered from the Coronavirus. How do we do that when we had our whole lives planned out on paper with boxes to check along the way?

Turn the page

Literally or metaphorically, tear out the page that’s titled “My Life’s Plan” and begin with the next blank page. Surrender your blank page to God, and let Him create the new checkboxes. Let go and let Him. The simplicity of a blank page will give you a sense of hope and inspiration.

Photo by Bethany Cirlincione

Life gives you new opportunities when plans get unexpectedly canceled. These are new opportunities that you probably would’ve never known about prior to life taking a turn. Use this time of unexpectedness to your advantage.

Recreate yourself

Perhaps this is a season for all of us to recreate ourselves. If you we’re a brand, how would people describe you?

  • What are you really good at?
  • What could you learn to make yourself stand out in a crowded room?
  • What makes you, you?

Use this time to recreate yourself by recognizing a new skill that you never knew you were good at, such as sewing! Does this new skill match your passions? If it does, run with it. Or, with all of this extra time on your hands, read up on books that will benefit you in a potential job interview, or in your future career. View this uncertain season as having the opportunity to get two steps ahead rather than, “COVID really put me two steps back.” This directly correlates with your mindset. Take this time to recreate and finetune your mindset. It’s easier said than done, but when you do this, you’ll be prepared for the unexpected good news and the unexpected lemons that life throws your way.


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